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Mighty Tiles Pro is the first product of Mighty Instruments. Mighty Tiles Pro is the number one software solution for the computer supported creation of procedural floor and wall textures. Mighty Tiles Pro, designed for professional users, generates high quality textures of brick walls, tiles, parquet, laminate, cobblestones and much more. The software will be available as a plugin for Autodesk’s 3ds Max. Finally, with the new technology of Mighty Tiles Pro, it is possible to create astonishing floor and wall textures easily adaptable to your needs. With Mighty Tiles Pro all your created textures can be made tileable on demand, handy for virtual environments like games. The scope of Mighty Tiles Pro is not limited to games only. If you need high quality textures for your next architectural visualization Mighty Tiles Pro is the right solution for you. Mighty Tiles Pro supports besides the diffuse map all necessary kinds of mappings, like reflection, specular, bump, and displacement, especially useful for film productions.